Legal Basis for Impeachment

The Constitutional Basis for Impeachment

Impeachment is a legal process defined by the US Constitution. It was designed by the Founding Fathers to protect American democracy from a President that commits crimes in office.

The steps involved in the impeachment process

Impeachment involves a formal accusation in the House and a trial in the Senate. If found guilty then the accused is removed from office.

What is an impeachable offense?

The Founding Fathers left it a bit vague so that Congress could handle future unforeseen circumstances. But there are some strong guidelines.

Impeachment is a "question of privilege".

The Speaker of the House normally sets the agenda. But Impeachment is a special "question of privilege" that can be raised at any time. So any Representative can start an impeachment.

Why local governments can petition for impeachment

The First Amendment and legal precedent give individuals or local governments the right to petition.