Take Action

You have power and can make a "huge" difference.

Send a Petition from Your City or State

This is a powerful technique that could actually initiate the impeachment process. Local bodies have a right to petition the federal government through a well defined and simple process. You can ask your city or state to send a resolution to the House of Representatives requesting that they start the impeachment process. This has worked before and can work again. Read more...

Some Other Ideas

  1. Share this website with your friends: Share
  2. Send a postcard to Congress. These do get read and they do have an impact. Postcards are better than letters because they are easy to process and the receiver does not have to worry about anthrax.
  3. Phone Congress. You might get through. Don't argue with them. Just say "I want you to ____". Your phone call will be tallied.
  4. Discuss impeachment with your family, friends and neighbors. But be careful. Your personal relationships are important. You don't have to convince them. You can agree to disagree.
  5. Educate yourself. Knowledge is strength. Read books on imeachment. Study this website. Read responsible news sources.
  6. Share your ideas through bumper stickers, t-shirts etc.
  7. Write a blog.

Serious Business

One of the reasons Trump got elected is because the press did not take him seriously. They treated him like a joke. But who got the last laugh? Watching Trump related comedy is good for relieving stress. But do not fall into the trap of thinking that we can just laugh him out of the White House. It will take hard work. Impeachment is a serious undertaking. Do not treat it lightly.