City Impeachment Resolutions

Local government can pass resolutions calling on Congress to investigate and impeach a President.

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A spreadsheet of pending and approved resolutions is here. I don't know who maintains that.

Resolutions Passed

Date City Press Text Organizer
6/27/17 Oakland, CA KTVU   Free Speech For People
6/27/17 Santa Cruz, CA Sentinel resolution
5/25/17 Brookline, MA      
5/10/17 Amherst, MA      
5/8/17 Pelham, MA      
5/6/17 Los Angeles, CA HufPost   Blumenfield
4/29/17 Leverett, MA      
4/3/17 Cambridge, MA      
3/28/17 Berkeley, CA      
3/7/17 Charlotte, VT necn resolution  
3/7/17 Alameda, CA ABC, NBC resolution Alameda4Impeachment
2/21/17 Richmond, CA CommonDreams, ABC    

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